Talk, May 11th: Anthony A. Long, “Doctrine and Life in Greek philosophy”


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Please join us as we welcome Anthony A. Long for a talk in the Classics Program. Below are the details and a brief abstract.

Anthony A. Long (UC Berkeley)

"Doctrine and Life in Greek philosophy: the strange case of Zeno of Citium (334-262)"

Wed. May 11th @ 4.10pm

912 Sproul Hall

Much of our information about the Greek philosophers stems from the encyclopedic work Lives and Doctrines of the Eminent Philosophers, compiled by Diogenes Laertius (DL). This lengthy book is especially important for what it purports to tell us about the founders of the new Hellenistic philosophies, Pyrrhonism, Epicureanism and Stoicism – not only what they taught but also how they lived. The most intriguing and puzzling biography is the one Diogenes tells concerning Zeno, the Cypriot merchant who immigrated to Athens and founded the philosophy there that came to be called Stoicism. Diogenes’ elaborate story about Zeno requires us to sift fact from fantasy and construct a plausible persona for this enigmatic and influential thinker.

Refreshments will be provided!

All best,

Colin Webster

Assistant Professor

UC Davis, Classics Program

710 Sproul Hall

Davis, CA