April 9: “Women of Will” Shakespeare performance and “Play the Knave” (Mondavi Center)


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From: Gina Bloom <gbloom>

Dear students and colleagues (and apologies for cross-posting),

I wanted to draw your attention to an event that may be of interest to some of you. On April 9, Tina Packard will be doing a two-part performance called Women of Will at the Mondavi Center; this is an adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays, focusing on his female characters. It should a great show. But one other reason I’d encourage you to come, if you can, is that the Mondavi lobby will be showcasing Play the Knave, a motion-capture video game about Shakespeare performance that (as some of you know) is being developed by faculty, grads, and undergrads in the UCD ModLab. More information about the game can be found at http://playtheknave.org.

We are particularly excited about this installation because BBC News is coming to it to film footage for a story they are doing on Play the Knave.

So, come for Tina Packard’s amazing acting, come for the game, or come because you want to try to get on TV! Whatever your motivations, if you are interested, here’s a link to more information about the Tina Packard show: https://www.mondaviarts.org/event/2015-16/tina-packers-women-will-nigel-gore. (UCD students can get 50% off tickets by filling out the form here).

For those who get tickets to the show and would like to play the game and/or watch others play, there will be two installation sessions on the 9th: 2-2:45 and 6:30-7:15.

Hope to see some of you there!


Gina Bloom
Associate Professor of English, Univ. of California, Davis [website]
Project Director, Play the Knave, a video game about Shakespeare performance

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