March events


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Friday, March 4, 2016, 5:00-7:00pm

Political Economy, Race, and Performance

Dwinelle Annex 126, UC Berkeley

Contemporary art writer and PhD Candidate at University of California, San Diego Eunsong Angela Kim will present on her work in Marxist theory and the subcontract in the gallery art objects of Spanish artist Santiago Sierra. Her work on Sierra was recently published as the article, “Neoliberal Aesthetics: 250 cm Line Tattooed on 6 Paid People" in the Cultural Studies journal, Lateral. For those of you interested, optional readings have been added in preparation for the talk. They include: Anna Chave’s "Minimalism and Power", Cheryl Harris’s "Whiteness as Power", and Kim’s own "Found, Found, Found; Lived, Lived, LIVED." PDFs of the articles can be accessed here: Also, try to check out "Enjoy Poverty," a 90-minute documentary by Renzo Martens on poverty as Congo’s primary export. You can watch the film online here. This talk is co-presented by the Dance Studies and Contemporary Art Working Groups generously funded by the Townsend Center for the Humanities.

Friday, March 11, 2016, 5:00-7:00pm
How Matters: On Methods, Movement and Theory-Practice Experiments

Bancroft Dance Studio, UC Berkeley

This session features scholar-artists on the role of choreographic experimentation in respective writing projects, and how performance practice informs the methodological approaches to distinct research questions. Speakers focus on their own project strategies for dancing and writing as overlapping techniques of critical dance studies. While the “what” of individual projects varies widely, presenters share a mutual concern with “how” to engage bodily with scholarly discourse. Investigating these questions in the session takes two forms. In the first hour, invited presenters reflect on their own embodied research experiments within the scope of their independent writing projects. In the second hour, we delve more deeply into the “how-tos” of performance practice as research through a movement lab. Participating attendees can experiment with various techniques of physicalizing the thinking on core aspects of their own projects.


Meiver De la Cruz on dance as diaspora, sex/sexuality, ethnicity, race and passing

PhD Candidate Performance Studies, Northwestern;

Cynthia Ling Lee on queering, postcoloniality, transnational collaboration in contemporary South Asian dance

Assistant Professor of Dance with cross-appointment in Women’s and Gender Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro;

Hannah Schwadron on Gender, Jewishness, and Improvisation

Assistant Professor of Dance, Florida State University;

Melissa Hudson Bell on Contemporary Dance, Food, and Audience Engagement

Dance Lecturer, Santa Clara University

Please find here two readings by presenters: Cynthia Ling Lee writes on the Post Natyam Collective’s work interweaving theory and practice, with images and videos embedded and Meiver De la Cruz writes program notes for a performance project this summer with drones.

Connected to this session, there will be an event on March 12th at 3pm at The Green Yogi that’s part dance showcase, part potluck party, part culinary workshop: the Gutsy Series investigates what happens when people gather to share food and dance performance in a salon-style setting. This installation of the series, entitled One Bite, features "one bite" movement studies by choreographers gathering from across the country: Abigail Hosein’s ahdanco, Adanna Kai Jones and Melissa Templeton, Cynthia Ling Lee, Hannah Schwadron, Laura Bodt, and Melissa Hudson Bell. More information is in the attached poster.

Thanks again to everyone who attended our February events.

For people who participated in our February 19 session on New Orleans Second Line traditions and want to see the video that Latanya D. Tigner shared with us, please visit our website.

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