Anya Stanger Talk


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Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program presents:

"Privileged Resistance: Prisoners of Conscience in the U.S., 1980-2009"

Each year, a small number of U.S. citizens serve lengthy periods of time in prison for crimes of nonviolent resistance (such as trespass and property destruction), protesting American imperialism and war. Those who do so tend to be highly privileged: white, financially secure, well educated, and professional, and to strategically "use" their privileges as sources of power with which to more effectively act. Dr. Stanger’s project traces the lives of 43 such prisoners of conscience, from discernment of action through release from prison, telling a much larger story about patriarchy, neoliberalism, foreign policy, and the prison industrial complex, as well as solidarity activism and the complex politics of "doing good" across borders of all kinds

Anya Stanger is an affiliate with the UC Davis Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies department. She completed her PhD in Social Science at Syracuse University in August 2015, and teaches at Sierra College. She is working on transforming her dissertation into a book that many people will want to read.

Thursday February 25th

12:00pm – 1:00pm

3114 Hart Hall