Talk: Adrienne Mayor, Wed. March 2, @ 4pm: “Amazons: Warrior Women in Myth, Art, and Archaeology”


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Please join us next week for the upcoming Classics talk. Refreshments and food will be provided!

Adrienne Mayor (Stanford)

Wed. March 2, @4.10pm in 912 Sproul Hall

"Amazons: Warrior Women in Myth, Art, and Archaeology"

Fierce Amazons are at the center of some of the most famous Greek myths. Great heroes from Heracles to Achilles proved their valor by overcoming warrior queens. Were Amazons real? Or were they mere fictions invented by ancient Greek storytellers?
But recent and amazing archaeological discoveries of battle-scarred female skeletons buried with weapons are proving that warrior women were not figments of the Greek imagination. Combining classical myth and art, Scythian nomad traditions, and archaeology, this lecture reveals intimate, surprising details about the fighting women once known as Amazons.

Adrienne Mayor is a research scholar in Classics and History of Science, Stanford University. Her most recent books are "The Amazons: Lives and Legends of Warrior Women across the Ancient World" (2014) a biography of Mithradates VI of Pontus, "The Poison King" (2010), a nonfiction finalist for the National Book Award. Her work is often featured in National Geographic, New York Times, Natural History, NPR, and BBC.