Can you make the wind sing?


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3rd Annual Aeolian Day

Hey Magicbrain!

It’s time to open your box of ideas, to look for the missing parts and to put together your own soundwork for Aeolian Day 2016.
Thingamajigs invites your proposal for a sound-sculpture or an installation that the wind would love to play, on May 15.

The exhibition venue is the inspirational ferry lawn of Jack London Square, which proved to be an excellent wind spot, when it witnessed a wind-concert of over 15 sound sculptures in 2015.

LOOK what it was like * LISTEN to the sculptures * EXPERIENCE it all

Simple and fun, isn’t it? We know there are playful sounds hidden in your thought space too.

SUBMIT YOUR IDEA for this year’s festival before Mar 10 and celebrate Aeolian Day in your own style. We can’t wait to find out what you’ve got.

Curious and excited,
Team Thingamajigs
Aeolian Day 2016


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