BAPS Colloquium: Zoe Drayson, 12/10 SFSU


The Bay Area Philosophy of Science Group (BAPS) presents:

Zoe Drayson (UC–Davis)

Action-Oriented Perception in Philosophy in Science and Philosophy

Date: Thursday Dec 10, 6-8 pm Place: HUM 587, SFSU


Throughout the contemporary literature on perception in science and philosophy, it is proposed that perception is in some sense ‘action-oriented’. These claims are often used to support philosophical claims about the nature of rationality and the role of the body in cognition. In this paper, I will categorize various approaches to action-oriented perception in ways that highlight their distinctness: I will claim that there are few, if any, direct inferences from the claim that perception is action-oriented in one sense to the claim that perception is action-oriented in any of the other senses. Then I will explore a specific notion of action-oriented perception that is widely used in embodied cognitive science, and argue that it is an amalgamation of two distinct conceptions of ‘action-oriented’, and that its proponents need more arguments than are currently given for committing to both these conceptions.

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