Margaret Kemp’s Performance Talk Tomorrow


African American & African Studies Program (AAAS)

Brown Bag Lecture Series

Hart Hall 2215

African American & African Studies in Global, Educational, and Performance Perspectives

THIRD LECTURE – DECEMBER 2, 2015, 12:00-1:00

Margaret Laurena Kemp, MFA

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre & Dance

“My mother talks in English but dreams in Spanish

her secrets are in her dreams…listen”:

Reimagining Latina/o and Caribbean Diasporas in Performance


Confluence… previously entitled A Negro Speaks of Rivers

Margaret Laurena Kemp, will perform an excerpt from and discuss her theatrical piece, Confluence… previously entitled A Negro Speaks of Rivers. This work reveals the multifaceted nature of Afro-Caribbean cultural identity shaped by the colonial history in the home country, the effects of United States racialization, and the myths and narratives the people carry with them and also create anew. A fully produced performance of Confluence… previously entitled A Negro Speaks of Rivers uses spoken word, movement, original sound and video projection to bring forward these stories in order to archive and preserve these under heard voices, and to pose important questions about how we want to treat our human and other natural resources in our present and future.

Margaret Laurena Kempis Visiting Assistant Professor in the UCD Department of Theatre & Dance. She is a multi-disciplinary artist and theatre educator specializing in the area of Performance, Acting, Voice and Speech. As a multi-disciplinary artist she is fluent with high and low technology, which allows her to seamlessly fuse her creative impulses into one cohesive and prismatic expression. She has just returned from an Australian tour her solo performance Confluence… previously entitled A Negro Speaks of Rivers. She has recently presentedher newest work, Imaginary Landscapes /A Memory in Progress, which explores the role of memory in performance. On November 8 and 9, 2016 she will perform Chapter One of Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God at St. John the Divine Cathedral in Harlem.

Her past artistic credits are numerous. They include a commission by the City of Los Angele to write and direct From the Rock for their “Los Angeles Plays the River” project, which brought together professional and community artists to explore the nature of ‘language and movement’ as a river that connects generations and communities. She has appeared on regional and international stages including Arena Stage, Mark Taper Forum, Yale Rep, Theatre of Changes (Athens, Greece), Red Pear Theatre (Antibes, France), and The Magnet Theatre (Cape Town South Africa). Her film credits include a starring role in Brazilian film Children of God. She has also acted in television programs including Commander in Chief. Her visual, and in the soon to be released feature film, Dark Rite.