digitalculturesnews Thursday, Dec. 3rd: Kristen Whissel on “Parallax Effects: Epistemology, Affect and Digital 3D Cinema”


The Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures invites you to attend:

"parallax effects: epistemology, affect and digital 3D cinema"
Professor of Film and Media, UC Berkeley
Thursday, December 3rd
4:00 PM in 126 Voorhies Hall

Scholarship on stereoscopic 3D cinema often approaches negative parallax as a pure attraction, “demo,” or gimmick which, by violating the screen as surface and boundary, has doomed 3D cinema to serial failure. In contrast, this paper argues that digital 3D films often deploy parallax effects as a means for producing medium and format-specific forms of epistemic and affective seeing and approaches depth and emergence effects as devices for investigating both the enhancement and the limits of vision and the “knowable” in contemporary cinema. Focusing on recent digital 3D films that immerse the spectator in radically inaccessible locations, this talk shows how digital 3D cinema gives form to aesthetic categories such as the sublime and the uncanny in CG blockbusters such as Gravity 3D (Alfonso Cuaron 2013) and in digital documentaries such as Cave of Forgotten Dreams (Werner Herzog 2010), and links the origins of stereoscopy to digital 3D. Clips will be shown in 3D.

Kristen Whissel is a Professor and Chair in the Department of Film and Media and Affiliated Faculty for the Berkeley Center for New Media at the University of California, Berkeley. Her most recent book, Spectacular Digital Effects: CGI and Contemporary Cinema was published in March 2014 by Duke University Press. She is currently writing a book on 3D, from the stereoscope to digital 3D cinema.

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