Ann Vasaly, Mon. Nov. 9 @ 4pm (126 Voorhies)


Please join us for the next classics talk of the year:

Ann Vasaly (Boston University)

"Can’t We All Just Get Along: Livy and the Necessity of Discord"

Mon., Nov. 9 @ 4pm (126 Voorhies Hall)

In his Discourses on Livy Machiavelli claims to have extracted from Livy’s history the lesson that “the disunion between the plebs and the Roman senate made that republic free and powerful.” This lecture will explore this startling interpretation of Livy’s early books, attempting to determine whether Machiavelli has arrived at a true insight into the Ab urbe condita or whether the Florentine has used his paradoxical, but ultimately inaccurate, reading of Livy in order to promote a novel idea of how republics work.

I hope to see you there!

All best,

Colin Webster

Assistant Professor

UC Davis, Classics Program

710 Sproul Hall

Davis, CA