Liberal Arts faculty positions 2015-2016


Please distribute this list of Liberal Arts Colleges’ faculty positions and fellowship opportunities to your graduate students who are on the market this year. Last spring I collaborated with the LADO consortium of 22 liberal arts colleges. As a follow up, the LADO schools pulled together all of their faculty job openings (and limited fellowships) and sent a single list for our graduate students’ and postdoctoral scholars’ consideration. Only one school identified their postdoctoral fellowship offers, but most of these colleges have additional postdoctoral fellowships, many of which are funded by the Mellon Foundation.

For graduate students and postdoctoral scholars, these faculty openings are at liberal arts colleges largely on the East Coast. We do not have as strong of a tradition of liberal arts colleges on the West Coast, but similar colleges would be St. Marys College in Moraga, Oberlin College in Los Angeles, and the Claremont Colleges (Pomona, et al) in Claremont, California. The LADO colleges encourage applicants committed to diversity and equal opportunity to apply.

Liberal Arts College faculty have a stronger emphasis on teaching and working with undergraduates. However, faculty do conduct research and for STEM fields, facilities, such as labs, etc. can be a part of liberal arts faculty members’ campus facilities.

To learn more about CVs and cover letters for research AND teaching positions you might consider signing up for the Internship and Career Center ICC/GradPathways workshop on October 21 and others offered by the ICC.

If you have specific questions about preparing materials for a liberal arts faculty position and cannot attend the October 21 workshop, you may want to contact Gwynn Benner at the ICC for assistance.




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