Cultural Studies Fall Colloquium Series


Please see the attached flyer for the Cultural Studies Colloquium Series. Please mark your calendars for the dates below. We hope to see you there!

All events are held from 4:10-6pm in 3201 Hart Hall

10/8/2015– "Crimson Empire: Blood and Nation from Alcatraz Island to Guantánamo Bay"-Cathy Hannabach, CST Grad, Independent Scholar, Editor and Academic Consultant

10/15/2015– "Human Terrain by Any Other Name: The Pentagon’s Ongoing Quest for Ethnographic Intelligence"-Roberto Gonzalez, San José State University, Anthropology

10/22/2015– "Silvia Gruner’s El Nacimiento de Venus: An Anthropological Perspective"-Tarek Elhaik, UC Davis, Anthropology

11/12/2015– "The Parks are Not Innocent: How the National Park Service and WWII Memory Supports America’s Pacific Empire"-Rusty Bartels, CST graduate student

~Amanda Dunham

Asian American Studies Program Coordinator

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