Call for student artists


Dear Theatre & Dance/Performance Studies Faculty,

I hope this e-mail finds you all doing well. Many of you probably know me from commencement, the dean’s office, and/or through development events.

I am writing to you for your assistance. The campus’ central development is looking at an event on November 9 to honor Margrit Mondavi’s contribution to the future Art Garden at the new Shrem Museum.

There are two areas of which they are in need of assistance from student artists:

1. The Art Garden will be home to 10 sculptures. Only 1 of those will be installed at the time of the event. They are envisioning having pedestal-type platforms to indicate where the 9 other sculptures will be and on those platforms, they are looking to have “performers” depicting statues.

2. The purpose of the Art Garden is to have a place for students to come and work on their art in the outdoors. They are envisioning having several students actively working on different types of art media during the event (i.e. painting, sculpting, drawing, etc.).

With the information above, I’m hoping that you might be able to steer me in the right direction to finding these students. They can be undergraduate, graduate, a campus organization, a collaborative group of students already working together. I will be relaying the information to the event coordinator (not me) and she is more than willing to work directly with students or faculty/staff.

I have sent a similar message to the Arts Admin Group advisers and Art Studio faculty members as well.

Thank you in advance!

Jennifer Voight

Events Manager

College of Letters & Science

UC Davis

One Shields Avenue

Davis, CA 95616

(530) 754-8477

(530) 752-3490 fax