Opportunity for black writers, performers, activists, and thinkers


Hi PFS group.

Would you please share this invitation with any black students you may have worked with in the last few years who you think might be interested in this course.

I’m particularly eager to involve black writers, activists, performers and those thinking about issues of race, diversity, and systematic oppression. Of course also feel free to share with any other students you feel are appropriate and who are interested in theater. Anyone wanting to learn more about collaboration or about a wide range of important theatrical topics from a working New York theater artist, writer, director and performer will get a ton from this class.

The Short details:
Devising class – Friday – 10 – 12:50 for 2 credits in 115 Wright Hall. If a student is interested they can contact me with further questions or to get the CRN number from me. my email is rgpierotti

During this undergraduate devising class, we will be working with transcripts that I have collected in Baltimore about the murder of Freddie Gray in police custody.

Most of the interviews I have gathered are with Black residents of Baltimore so it’s imperative that we have a number of black students who can give a voice to these texts.

There will be a good number of non-actors in the class and, while everyone will be expected to perform a certain amount of text, no previous acting experience is required. This is primarily a devising and writing class and students will not be evaluated on their acting skills. I also love working with non-actors! If on the other hand a student is in theater and dance, it’s a great opportunity for black performers because there’s fantastic material for them to work with, and they would get to learn the basics of my devising technique, which is an incredibly useful practice that has created a number of hit shows.

There will of course be opportunities for participants of other races as well. I am simply emphasizing the need for black participants because they are so crucial to the success of this class and there is a low ratio of black students at UC Davis (which demonstrates in part one of the central themes of this work).

Would you forward this along to anyone who springs to mind who you think would be interested?

Full course description of the course is attached.


Greg Pierotti

MFA Candidate
UC Davis, Department of theater and dance.

Core Member, Writer and Teaching Staff
Tectonic Theater Project
New York City, New York.

Devising course description.doc