CFP: Feminine Writing/Hysterical Grammar


Please find, enclosed, a link to submit abstracts to the panel “Feminine Writing/Hysterical Grammar: (Re)Reading Cixous and Clément” at NEMLA 2016 in Hartford, CT (March 2016)

Call for Papers

Cixous and Clément’s A Newly Born Woman, called a “tarantella of theory” by Sandra Gilbert, is a text that explores the histories and possibilities of feminine writing and also: madness, hysteria, sorcery, gender, bisexuality, the body, vocality, alterity, language, monstrosity, colonialism, theatre and feminist psychoanalysis. The performative work of writing is a cauldron of provocations and entanglements with hysteria that deserve to be revisited in the twenty-first century. This seminar invites close or comparative readings of A Newly Born Woman, especially in relation to questions such as: In what ways is Cixous and Clément’s way of working “hysterical engagement?” (135) What are the stakes, potentialities and repercussions of working with the figure of the hysteric as an ideal embodiment of the feminine? What does A Newly Born Woman have to teach us about the ethical force of hysterical grammar?

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Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies; University of Toronto