digitalculturesnews Fwd: CSIS June 10, The Social Life of Medical Data workshop


Please join us for a one-day workshop on sharing, pooling and appropriating medical information

"The Social Life of Medical Data"

UC Davis, Wednesday June 10 2015, from 10 AM to 5 PM

Once digitized, medical information – such as data, images, standards, and codes – travels across different spaces and communities. Smartphones produce and transmit data coming from our bodies, which is shared and discussed in social media platforms and then gathered and analyzed in data centers. Medical information intended for professional use can be appropriated, circulated and used to create communities of caring or participate in biomedical research. At the same time new power asymmetries can emerge, as public institutions and private corporations claim control over increasingly valuable health data.

In this one-day workshop we will analyze the trajectories of digitized medical data. We will discuss how patient communities, care providers, social activists, governments and corporations are designing, fostering and managing alternative approaches to healing and increasingly look towards open source, distributed, and participatory research to do this. Data created from bodies has the potential to expand our understanding of health-related research and scholarly communication practices.

In addition, we will explore different ways of including patient communities in participatory design of tools that assist in the management and analysis of health data. We aim to foster a discussion amongst anthropologists, media scholars and biomedical researcher about the emergent forms of sociality and the politics of health and illness in our digital era.

Speakers include:

Orkan Telhan, University of Pennsylvania
Kim Surkan, MIT
Hélène Mialet, UC Berkeley
Marina Levina, University of Memphis
Allison Fish, UC Davis
Kris Fallon, UC Davis
Joe Dumit, UC Davis
Alessandro Delfanti, UC Davis
Dav Clark, UC Berkeley
Carlos Andres Barragan, UC Davis
Nick Anderson, UC Davis

Detailed program at this link:

The workshop will be in King Hall, Room 2001A (Law School)

Lunch will be served. Please RSVP at this link:


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