TODAY, noon-1: Resistance & Critical Theory Scholar Rebecca Comay (Phil & Comp Lit, Toronto): Hegel, Freud, Resistance (FREE LUNCH!)


UC DAVIS Multidisciplinary Psychoanalytic Research Cluster Presents

FREUDIAN SIPS #15 (Wed, May 6)

TODAY, noon-1

Rebecca Comay

Prof of Philosophy & Comp Lit

University of Toronto


"Resistance and Repetition: Hegel and Freud"

**See Attached Paper**

Noon until 1:00 PM

Voorhies 228 (DHI Conf. Rm)

For Freudian Sips #15, Professor Rebecca Comay (Toronto) will deliver a talk based on her forthcoming paper, which is attached. With Dr. Comay’s talk, the psychoanalytic series will continue its discussion of phenomenology that Dr. Robert Desjarlais inspired in his Freudian Sips (#14) lecture. Dr. Comay is Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Literature and Director of the Program in Literary Studies at University of Toronto. She has authored Mourning Sickness: Hegel and the French Revolution (2011), as well as edited Lost in the Archives (2002) and Endings: Questions of Memory in Hegel and Heidegger (1999). Dr. Comay’s interests include nineteenth century German philosophy, political theology, psychoanalysis, contemporary French philosophy, trauma and memory, iconoclasm and destruction of art, contemporary art and art criticism and Proust.

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