Palestine, Campus Repression, and Academic Precarity

“Palestine, Campus Repression, and Academic Precarity”
Fri, May 8: 9.30 am2 pm
Hart 3201
Sponsored by Faculty for Justice in Palestine
Co-sponsored with Davis Unit of UAW 2865 and SJP
This workshop offers an interactive discussion involving faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, and community activists on the increasing precarity of academic labor and disciplining of faculty and students engaged in Palestine solidarity activism; the links between securitization, police violence, and surveillance in the U.S. and Palestine-Israel; and the BDS movement on campus as well as the repression and backlash it has faced.
Panels will focus on:
* Divestment and campus repression
* Job insecurity as political discipline
* Borders, policing, and prisons
* The business of backlash (with a speaker from the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network) and the academic boycott movement
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