Theory in Practice: Meditation, Movement, and Being Present ATHE pre-conference workshop


Theory in Practice Workshop and Pre-Conference: Meditation, Movement, and Being Present hosted by ATHE’s Theory and Criticism Focus Group

Please consider joining us in Montreal in advance of the 2015 ATHE conference for a workshop experience that asks participants to consider their embodied practices as theorists, critics, artists, and scholars. Rather than provide a space for the presentation of scholarship, this pre-conference will provide a space for practicing and contemplating the work of scholarship. In advance of the meeting, participants will read 2-3 articles/chapters to prepare for group discussion. Once in Montreal, workshops in beginning meditation and simple yoga for multiple abilities (led by Deanna Fitzgerald, University of Arizona) will encourage participants to practice mindfulness to create an openness for cultivating new ideas and creative work. A writing workshop (lead by Josh Abrams, University of Roehampton) will provide an opportunity for participants to translate their experience of a group dinner (analyzed as live performance) into critical thought and language. Participants will be able to continue their mindful practice and critical reflection during the larger ATHE conference during shorter, informal moments of gathering.

Wednesday, July 29th:

• Arrive in Montreal, Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel

• 4:00-4:15, pre-conference check-in

• 4:15-4:45, Introduction of the pre-conference, participants, and workshop leaders.

• 4:45-5:35, Meditation and yoga with Deanna Fitzgerald

• 5:34-5:45, Break

• 5:45-6:45, Discussion of pre-assigned readings

• 6:45, Adjourn for dinner

• 7:30, Dinner with participants in Montreal

Thursday, July 30th:

• 8:00-8:30, Coffee service, provided by ATHE

• 8:30-9:30, Meditation and yoga with Deanna Fitzgerald

• 9:30-10:00, Continued discussion of readings and reflection on group dinner

• 10:00-10:10, Break

• 10:10-11:30, Writing workshop with Josh Abrams

• 11:30-12:00, Final discussion

• Adjourn to join the ATHE conference

All participants with ATHE affiliation are welcome. There will be no registration fee, but all participants are responsible for arranging their lodgings and paying for their meals, including dinner on Wed. evening (expect $40-65/person).

To register, please send an email with your intent to attend to:

Christin Essin (christinessin) and Jane Barnette (jane)