TDR’s Spring 2015 Issue: Susan Manning on Reggie Wilson, Putin’s “democracy,” Beyoncé’s Haka , and more…


Performance Studies Visiting Lecture, April 16th 2015, 4pm, LabA Wright Hall

Professor Susan Manning, Northwestern University

Reggie Wilson and the Making of Moses(es)

Susan Manning is an internationally recognized historian of modern dance whose writings have been translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Polish. A Professor of English, Theatre and Performance Studies at Northwestern, she has authored Ecstasy and the Demon: the Dances of Mary Wigman and Modern Dance, Negro Dance: Race in Motion; coedited New German Dance Studies; and curated Danses noires/blanche Amérique at the Centre national de la danse in Paris. She currently serves as Principal Investigator for the Mellon-funded initiative, “Dance Studies in/and the Humanities.” In spring 2014 she was a fellow at the International Research Center in Berlin, where she completed a series of essays on Reggie Wilson and Moses(es), now published in the spring 2015 issue of TDR: The Drama Review.

Professor Manning will discuss her role as dramaturge for Reggie Wilson’s Moses(es), how her experience as a historian informed her work with Wilson, and how her work with Wilson informed her writing of history.

This seminar will be based on the publication by Professor Manning of writing on Reggie Wilson in the current issue of TDR. Davis students and faculty can access this work through Project Muse via the library. See below for further information.

Participants will benefit from reading the four parts of the special section before the talk, although Professor Manning will summarize the essays to begin, will then show some more recent footage of changes in Moses(es), and discuss what questions remain unanswered.

Spring 2015 Issue

Special Section by Susan Manning on Reggie Wilson, Putin’s "democracy," Beyoncé’s Haka, and more…

23 February 2015

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